Technologies Supporting Robotics Innovation

We are driving innovation in robotics by refining our core manufacturing technologies that combine our efficient, compact, and precision technologies along with sensing and smart technologies. We will expand these technologies to create a future in which robots assist people in a wide variety of fields.

Epson is advancing its robotic vision technology and its technologies for accurately sensing forces and acceleration. These will be packaged with robots along with software to control robot motion and operations. These packaged solutions will dramatically reduce the time and effort users need to spend on robot installation, thus lowering the hurdles to automation. Factories are forecast to evolve smart features through the application of autonomous control and synchronization. We will advance these technologies to create robots with a human-like ability to move, sense, and think. In addition, we will create and expand the use of advanced robots that assist people in all sorts of industries and services and for all sorts of personal needs.

Technology Profile