Efficient, Compact and Precision

At the Heart of Epson's Technology

Efficient, compact and precision technologies

A commitment to relentlessly pursuing advances in energy efficiency, miniaturization, and precision and accuracy is embedded in Epson's DNA. And today, our efficient, compact, and precision technologies are the source of our strength.

These technologies originated from products such as the Seiko Quartz Astron 35SQ wristwatch. Announced in 1969, the Astron was the world's first quartz watch and, with a daily rate of ±0.2 seconds, offered unprecedented accuracy. The technology for reducing the size and power consumption of the watch astonished manufacturers around the world. Epson has continued to develop these efficient, compact, and precision technologies over the decades, and today they provide the foundation for Epson's core devices, printers, projectors, wearable products, robots, and more.

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Efficient, Compact, Precision Technologies that Astonished the World

Opening up the future

The technology developed for the quartz watch spilled over into many derivative products that take advantage of Epson's efficient, compact and precision technologies.

Epson's engineering strength and corporate culture have spawned quite a number of innovations that have astonished the world.

World-Changing Technologies

Capitalizing on its efficient, compact, and precision technologies, Epson has produced numerous world-first products. Here we introduce the milestone products form the basis for our current businesses, discussing the main product features, the story behind the creation, and the impact on the market.